Simple Cookout Tips

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We are knee-deep in cookout season so I thought I would throw a couple of my cooking tips up for you. Not everyone like grilling out and I don’t likes everyone so we’re even. Here in the midwest, where the grilling season is shorter than the south, we try to get as much of it in as possible. Try some of these on for size:

Clean those Grill Grates

Get the grill nice and hot even if you plan on cooking at a low temperature. Grab some tin foil, make a solid log, pick it up with your tongs, and rub down your hot grill grates. It doesn’t take much and the high heat will kill any bacteria taking a nap in the vicinity.

Grilled Corn on the Cob

Soak your ears for a solid hour (longer if you have the time). After soaking, carefully peel back the husk as much as you can (without detaching it) and lather on some olive oil. Replace the husk as best as possible and grill them to perfection. When pulling the husk off for eating, do it under warm water. That way, any ash that might get in your mouth is washed away and the tassels are easier to remove completely. The extra effort is completely worth it.

Better Burgers

Tin foil; use it. Make a tray of tin foil, complete with edges bent up to old in the fat, and cook your burgers on that instead of just the grill grates. It makes for a much juicier burger. Note: If using this method, you should probably use extra lean meat (no worse than 85/15). Also, never squish the burgers down with the spatula; that’s no bueno.

Hot Dogs, not Burnt Dogs

Hot dogs should be cooked on indirect heat only or for a very short time on direct heat. Everyone has a their own way to cook a hot dog but I think we can agree that burned hot dogs just plain stink. The solution is a longer cook time on the cool part of the grill or a very short time on the hottest part of the grill. If your whole grill is medium heat, switch a burner off or move some charcoal; don’t make the dogs suffer.

Barbecue Chicken

Put that sauce on last! Too many times do I see people put already-sauced pieces of chicken on a grill. Sugar burns at 265 degrees and if you’re cooking on a grill, I guarantee that it’s hotter than 265 in there. Save us all from those tasteless chunks of tar and put your sauce on last.

Have your own tips or tricks for grilling? I’d like to hear them as would everyone else, I’m sure. Post a comment or send me an email.. better yet, just post a comment and don’t email me.

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  • bradmeiser says:

    Burnt hot dogs are where it’s at. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ll microwave yours next time we grill out.

    Good tips on the corn. As for the burgers: I’m not putting foil on the grill. I’m not Hispanic.